Bonlex Thermolaminated panels

The search for quality perfection in Japan is legendary. Bonlex, made in Japan, is internationally recognised as the world leader in high gloss, satin, supermatt and breeze finish thermoplastic foil.

Its thermoformed surface makes it resistant to everyday accidents, knocks or spills. Bonlex won’t chip, stain, peel or crack. Bonlex guarantee it’s decorative surfaces have been designed to last a lifetime.

Scuff and scratch resistant

Bonlex maintains its beautiful appearance year after year.

Fade resistant

Bonlex incorporates specialised UV absorbers to minimise the fading effects of harmful UV rays.

Seals out water

Bonlex is waterproof.

Chip resistant

Bonlex does not chip like a painted surface. Bonlex covers the surface and edges in a single flexible sheet and is thus resistant to impact.

Excellent formability

Bonlex conforms beautifully to many shapes creating a seamless finish over the surface and edges of the panel.

Primed rear surface

The Bonlex primed rear surface enables excellent bond strength.

A colour to suit your décor

Our extensive palette of colours, styles and finishes are regularly updated to reflect evolving tastes and styles.

Available in breeze, gloss, satin and supermatt finishes..

Bonlex range of colours & finishes

All of the Bonlex thermolaminated surfaces are non-porous and super easy to clean, simply wipe and spills or messes away with warm water. These decorative thermolaminated panels and doors will maintain their sleek, stylish appearance and finish for years to come.

Bonlex high gloss finishes provide the touch, look and feel of gloss lacquer paint without the harmful effects of solvents and V.O.C’s (volatile organic compounds) that can be associated with painted products. This deep and gorgeous appearance is achieved across all colours and patterns in the Bonlex range.

The Bonlex colour range is available in many styles:
  • high gloss
  • breeze
  • supermatt
  • satin
  • wood grain
  • abstract print
  • metallic
Bonlex Finishes

Enjoy the natural appearance of Bonlex gloss wood grains; chic, modern Bonlex gloss solid colours, abstract prints, classy and sophisticated Bonlex gloss metallics, supermatt and satin finishes.

Supermatt Finishes

Supermatt is an extra matt panel, highly resistant to scratches and stains with a finish that maintains a soft and velvety surface to touch.
It is suitable for any environment: as interior design, as shop furniture and also for contractors. It represents a valid alternative to other matt surfaces but with the benefit of an easy workability.

Breeze Finishes

To achieve the real beauty found in Bonlex gloss wood grains, abstract prints and metallics we employ a specialist printing method whereby the pattern is printed directly onto an inner layer of the foil. The printed images used to create these special foils are digitally enhanced to achieve maximum clarity and depth of colour.

Gloss Finishes

The lustrous finish of Bonlex gloss solid colours is attained by continuing the pigment colour throughout the foil. This genuine depth of colour means no black edges after pressing.

Satin Finishes

Satin Bonlex satin finishes have a smooth, entirely matt surface creating a simple, modern look. The striking depth in Bonlex satin solid colours is achieved by continuing the pigment colour throughout the foil. The Bonlex satin range reflects a soft, warm glow under lighting.

What is Bonlex?

Bonlex is a decorative surface made from premium quality PVC. It is a membrane pressing foil that is vacuum formed to an MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) substrate to make kitchen cabinet doors, interior doors, store fixtures, offices, displays or any end-product that utilises MDF or similar product.


Where can I purchase Bonlex as a finished product?

We have many customers across Australia and New Zealand we can put you in touch with. Please contact us for a list of suppliers in your area.


What makes Bonlex different?

Bonlex is an elite 3D laminate that uses only the best resins, ingredients and modifiers. Instead of plasticisers we use a patented modifier in all our solid gloss colours that gives Bonlex formability without the side effects that can come with using plasticisers.


Why is Bonlex so popular?

The Bonlex finish has been a successful product on the Australian market since 1989. It provides an attractive, smooth and durable finish when used in cabinetry of all kinds. It displays excellent characteristics of scratch, chip and UV resistance.


Is Bonlex recyclable?

Yes, Bonlex off cuts are recyclable. In fact, PVC off cuts can provide a homogenous and clean supply of vinyl making it a sought after source of material by PVC recyclers. Recycled PVC is used in Australia in the manufacturing of shoes, garden hoses, pipe fittings, car mud flaps, roadside safety posts and more. Please contact us for the names of PVC recyclers in your state.


How long will it take to receive my Bonlex?

We offer an express shipping service around Australia. Shipping times vary between 1 and 6 days depending on destination. In most cases we can ship the same day for orders received in the morning. If you have an urgent order later in the day, please check with us as we will always strive to get your order to you when you need it.


How do I clean Bonlex?

We recommended you only use warm water to clean Bonlex, and a soft cloth (e.g. microfibre) to clean Bonlex. Do not use abrasive cleaners, strong household cleaners or detergents particularly those containing hydroxide ions or solvents. Using chemicals or abrasive cleaners will void your Bonlex warranty.


What are the technical specifications of Bonlex?

Contact us for a detailed specification sheet for our foil. This is highly detailed and covers all the physical properties of Bonlex.



Bonlex has been produced in Japan for over 40 years and is sold throughout the world with its strongest demand coming from high quality European manufacturers. It has been marketed in Australasia for over 20 years and is backed by a comprehensive warranty.